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Maximum Loan Amount: $100,000.00

Repayment Period: 12 Months (1 Year)

Equity: $5,000.00

Monthly Payment: $10,200.00


  • Minimum three (3) months of membership
  • Pay slip
  • ID
  • Job Letter (For first-time borrowers)
  • Signed final payment letters (issued by the CU)

Other Conditions

  • If the member has an existing “Unsecured-Loan”  a credit report will be generated. The CU may require statements from other financial institutions seen on the Credit Report that are not closed or removed from the Credit Report.
  • If the credit score is a high risk, a guarantor will be required. The following conditions are:
  • Completed guarantor form
  • Guarantor last pay slip
  • Guarantor ID
  • Guarantor job letter (for non-JDF members) a non-JDF member must be permanently employed.
  • Guarantors as serving JDF members, ROD must be at minimum one year of the member’s ROD.
  • Guarantors as serving JDF members, must be a rank higher than that of the member.
  • JDF Members with less than one-year ROD and over 18 years of service will be required to sign a pension letter. This letter only takes effect whenever the member retires from JDF. The monthly loan repayment/obligation will be deducted from their pension otherwise a guarantor document is required.