The history of the J.D.F Co-operative Credit Union is a story of aspiration, ambition and achievement. The Credit Union was formed in response to the increasing financial needs of service men, many of whom were finding it challenging to meet economic goals due to financial strains. The servicemen were bravely trying to overcome the challenges of low wages, high levels of indebtedness, the lack of access to bank loans and avaricious loan sharks who were making a thriving business from their need for financial aid.Within this period, a group of visionary thinkers proactively decided to change the course of action. The year was 1962, one year after the inception of the Jamaica Defence Force, when a group of civilians who were working in Up Park Camp, formed a study group led by Father McLaughlin and Mr. Tony Woods, to learn about the Credit Union Movement in Jamaica. This study group was comprised of volunteers who met weekly to discuss the operations and benefits of Credit Unions and the requirements for membership.

Recognizing the need for direct action members of the group which included; Mr. Ervin Grey, Mr. Basil Williamson, Ms. Joyce Marshall, Mrs. Cynthia Bruff and Mr. Luther Bruff began examining the feasibility of a Credit Union for the J.D.F. After approximately twelve months of careful research and planning, spearheaded by Mr. Grey, the J.D.F Co-operative Credit Union was registered as a member of the Co-operative Societies of Jamaica on December 19, 1963.

The founding members had a vision for growth and development, and originally formed a ?savings club? in which deposits and withdrawals were made. These transactions were documented on cards, however as time progressed the Credit Union was officially certified, passbooks were then used to record lodgements.

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Vision Statement

To make the JDF Co-operative Credit Union a “one-stop” financial institution, offering a wide range of products and services in a highly accessible manner.

Mission Statement – Before 2003

To enhance the financial well being of the JDF Family by providing quality and professional services.

Mision Statement – 2003 and Beyond

“To enhance the financial well-being of our members, by providing a wide range of Quality Service through a team of highly-trained and and professional staff and volunteers”