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Motor Vehicles may be purchased from a dealership, auto sales/mart or an individual.

Purchasing From A Used Car Dealership or From an Individual

  • Invoice or Sale Agreement
  • Previous owner copy ID
  • Evaluation Report
  • Advance Insurance Adjusters
  • Auto Assessors Associates Ltd
  • Lloyd’s Motor Insurance Adjusters
  • Mendez Livingston Incorporated Ltd
  • MSC McKay (Ja) Ltd
  • Orion Loss Adjusters & Valuation Ltd
  • Priority Loss Adjusters Ltd
  • Smiles Loss Adjusters Limited
  • Copy Fitness, Registration, Certificate of Title
  • For vehicles sold on behalf of an individual and sold by a Used Car Dealer a letter giving car dealer permission to sell vehicle on owner’s behalf, or letter indicating previous owner has no interest in the vehicle.
  • If Imported a C87/Import Entry

Purchasing From An Individual Who Has A Lien/Loan On The Vehicle

In addition to the above documents:

  • Statement from Financial Institution a Statement must be stamped and signed

Purchasing From the Dealership (New Vehicle a New to One Year)

  • Invoice
  • C87/Import Entry
  • Copy Fitness

The Member

  • Last two months pay slips
  • Driver?s License ID

Loan Insurance

  • Copy Birth Paper or Passport (For Loan Insurance)


  • Assignment of existing insurance (must have creditor life clause)

Other Conditions

  • Credit Report will be generated. The CU may require statements from other financial institutions seen on the Credit Report that are not closed or removed from the Credit Report.
  • JDF Members with less than one-year ROD and over 18 years of service will be required to sign a pension letter. This letter only takes effect whenever the member retires from JDF. The monthly loan repayment/obligation will be deducted from their pension.

Motor Vehicle Loan Repayment Schedule

Year Vehicle Monthly Payment per $1M Compulsory Savings Total Deduction per $1M
New a 1 Year $11,920.00 $6,000.00 $17,920.00
2 a 5-Years $14,950.00 $6,000.00 $20,950.00
6-7 Years $18,050.00 $5,500.00 $23,550.00
8-9 Years $19,050.00 $5,500.00 $24,550.00
10-11 Years $22,760.00 $5,000.00 $27,760.00
12 Years $33,700.00 $5,000.00 $38,700.00
13 Years $39,300.00 $5,000.00 $44,300.00