JDFCUU offers competitive rates and flexible terms on both new and previously owned vehicles. Purchase motor vehicle up to 13 years old. Get up to 100% financing, with interest rate as low as 12% p.a. Motor Vehicle Loan calculated on the reducing balance per month. Think of the high risk of undertaking to get financing through a car mart. Stick to your financial associates JDFCU and erase your first thought.

Already have a vehicle loan with another lending institution?
We would be more than happy to refinance your loan and save you money taking your expenses in mind.


  • Motor vehicle documents (Registration, Fitness & Title) copies
  • Valuation report and two (2) Photograph of Vehicle
  • Import entry (Brand new vehicle)
  • Proforma Invoice/Sale Agreement/Statement
  • Last two Pay slips
  • At least three months membership.
  • Picture ID
  • TRN
  • With Interest rate as low as:

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Double Hand Partner Plan